Goals Report–March 26–2017

Hey, Rebels!

That time of week again!

Have you been following through on your goals?

If so, awesome! We’re making progress.

If not, that’s cool too! Let’s just find out what we need to tweak and derisk ourselves from letting it happen again.

As promised, I’ll be the first to admit when I haven’t done something I’ve committed too.

Luckily, my recovery time for jumping back on the habit is faster thanks to the accountability I have with this platform, as well as the new mentors and community that have come into my life.

Hopefully, you have a means to hold yourself accountable since it really makes the process a whole lot easier. If not, try to make it happen! Take advantage of social media–there are plenty of people out there that are on the same journey as you are.

With that being said, let’s go ahead and dive in!

Kindle Publishing:

I will easily bring my first VA onto my team.

Delayed until next month. Click here to find out why!

I will easily publish my 3rd book.

Did the covers this week. I will have to wait for the manuscript to get sent back from the ghostwriters to continue forward in the process.

I will easily implement my Social media marketing strategy.

Delayed until next month.

Millennial Rebel/Branding:

I will easily post a weekly Kindle Publishing Update on Millennial Rebel every Saturday.

Been posting later in the day than usual for my videos, and have made editing errors on a few of them. Will make sure to get them done earlier in the day to meet my deadline and check to see that everything looks good.

I will easily post a weekly Goals update on Millennial Rebel to hold me accountable every Sundays.


I will easily Read 15 pages every day for Business/Entrepreneur education (Epic Content Marketing)

Finished Epic Content Marketing! Moving onto a new business/entrepreneur education book which I will disclose in my upcoming project.

I will easily Take notes on every video I upload to focus on what to improve for the next video for Public Speaking

Done! I’ve been working on mixing up my hand gestures.

Life and Personal Development:

I will easily do some form exercise at least 3 days out of the week MINUMUM.

Missed the first session of this week because my sleep schedule was flipped. Will make sure to wake up and go to sleep at a set time for this upcoming week.

I will easily complete a 30 day Morning Routine Challenge

Day 14, baby!  After this challenge, I will make a post about what exactly I do in my routine. Look out for that!

I will easily read 10 pages a day of personal development book–Awaken the Giant within By Tony Robbins.

Check! Almost half-way through this 500-page book.

I will easily journal at least once every day.

Crazy journal entries this week! I have a lot of new projects coming up and journaling helps articulate my thoughts more clearly.


That’s about it for this weeks goal report.

This will be my final weekly goals report. I simply wanted to get in the habit of reflecting on a weekly basis.

From now on, I’ll only be doing monthly goals reports so thank you for following along on these reports.

Remember: Consistency over perfection. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. CONSISTENCY. CONSISTENCY. CONSISTENCY.

I’ll leave you with that 🙂


–Michael Reyes


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