DONATE PLASMA FOR $$ | Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 4

I hope your entrepreneurial ventures have been going well this week!

Entrepreneurial tip of the day: If you’re ever in need of cash, donate plasma! You’ll be compensated for your time! I usually read or listen to audio books while I’m there to feed my mind.

Why the obscure, but helpful, tip you may ask?

Well, let me explain on…

Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update

  1. If you tuned into Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 3, then you’ll know that my bank account got put in the negatives thanks to a surprise unappreciated, and HEFTY charge ($1,315.12) from a storage hosting service I use).Although I was able to get a refund (Phew!), I have not been able to get my bank to waive the Non-sufficient Fund fee just I’ve been donating plasma to help cover them. :)(You have to be 18 Years old in order to donate, so my sympathy towards the younger crowd here.)
  1. I also went ahead and put in an order for my book covers. Had to get the creative juices flowing since I pushed myself to think outside the box with these two. Paid about $15 for each. Remember: Higher-quality products on Kindle Publishing will always win out in the long-term, so that’s why I went above the standard $5 book cover.
    Image result for kindle publishing
  1. No progress on moving forward with create space for one of my books just yet since I wanted to cover the rest of my expenses for my next two books first. What are the final expenses for my two books, you ask? I’ll explain in the next portion of this post.
What’s next?
Before anything else, I’ll have to receive my two books. Once I have those, I’ll be able to move on to…
  1. Making the final investments: This includes formatting my books ($6 each) and getting descriptions made ($20 each)/
  2. If it fits in the budget, I’ll then move onto converting an ebook for CreateSpace.

If you want to know more about the Kindle publishing process, make sure to check out 8 Steps To Publishing a Book on Kindle.

That wraps it up for this week’s Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 4!

To check out the course that got me started in Kindle publishing, CLICK HERE.
Peace out, Rebels!
-Michael Reyes


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