Top 3 Benefits of READING!

Happy Thursday, Rebels!

I wanted to share my top reasons for why I find books ESSENTIAL, and why you must be reading/listening to them too.

Although I enjoy fantasy and other fiction genres, I am mainly talking about non-fiction books for today.
The books I have read allowed me to attract the mentors that have taken me under their wing, as well as a community that pushes me to grow every single day. (Thank you, Universe!)

Without a doubt, books have forever changed the course of my life and will play a major factor into the success I achieve in the future. It’ll be fun to look back at this post and recognize that I was right all along.

Don’t believe me? Just watch. 😉

With that being said, here’s…

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Three Reasons Why You Must Be Reading/Listening To Books

  1. Mentorship:

    When I first started my journey of personal development, I began to see that the people around me (family, friends, peers, etc.) didn’t have the mindset or experience to help me achieve the impact I wanted to have in the world.

    Luckily, I had access to the most incredible minds simply by purchasing their books or books about them.

    Mentors can save you time, money, and energy by showing you what to do and what not do based on their experience.

    Thanks to books, I now see how Mozart, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, and much more were able to rise to their levels of expertise by the way they thought, practiced, and lived their lives.

    If you don’t have any mentors in your life right now, pick up some damn books. 

  2. Learn About Anything You Want

    I’m pretty sure books have been written on almost every topic. From how to grow tomatoes to quantum physics, we have access to it all. It’s really up to you to explore your interests. That begs the question:

    What would you like to know about?

    When I first flipped open “Mastery,” by Robert Greene, I wanted to learn about the ultimate form of power: mastery. Once finished, I had a stronger understanding of the science of success and what I could implement in my own life to duplicate the strategies of the most impactful people in our history.

    Can you see the power of that?

    What would you like to expose your mind to?

  3. Return On Investment

    Thanks to public libraries and online platforms (Amazon, Thriftbooks, Half-Price Books etc.), you can have access to that mentorship and exposure to any topic you would like for free or at a low price.

    The best part is that you then have the ability to implement the knowledge and wisdom you learned into your own life!

    Did you know that the civil rights movement that Martin Luther King Jr. led was hugely inspired by him reading Gandhi’s autobiography?

    The United States of America was forever changed because MLK read a book on Gandhi’s experiments with peaceful protest.

    Talk about a return on investment!


Books have the power to change your life if you let them.

As Warren Buffet once said,

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

I encourage you to pick up a book written by or about a person you look up to, or on a topic that authentically interests you.

What book will you choose to read?


Peace out!

-Michael Reyes


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