How To Create Anything You Want In Life

Have you, in the past, struggled with reaching money goals, fitness/health goals, relationship goals, and other meaningful goals? Are you currently struggling with the same problems, time and time again?

If so, it sounds like you have trouble creating results.

The “Path of Least Resistance: Learning To Become The Creative Force In Your Own Life” by Robert Fritz is ESSENTIAL to understanding why you haven’t been able to create what you want in life, and what to do to turn that around!


The book goes way more in depth into what I’m talking about here on this post. Feel free to purchase it by clicking here.


Believe it or not, problem-solving may be one of the main reasons why you haven’t been able to accomplish what you want in life, according to Robert Fritz. When you’re in a state of solving problems, you are taking action towards what you don’t want, rather the creating solutions that you do want.

Let’s say one is trying to lose weight, for example. Well, one might go about starting the journey by somehow acknowledging that they’re over-weight (They’re disappointed with how they look in the mirror, they aren’t fitting into clothes they used to be able to wear, someone straight-up calls them fat, etc.)


Next, one might say to themselves, “I gotta lose some weight.” So theygo about starting a diet, exercise routine, or whatever else. Hooray! They’ve made the first step.

They’re doing good for a bit until they decide they deserve a treat or a day off, or some important thing pops up so that they can’t follow through on their commitment. Or they’re “not motivated.”

Who has been there before? I know I have.

Next thing you know, they’re binge-eating cookies and watching Netflix instead of working out….

They’ve fallen off track and feel all guilty about it. They decide to jump back on the horse. Hooray! They get the ball rolling again…until they backslide once again.

This happens because one is operating in a reactive/responsive structure. It looks a little bit like this:

Conflict = Action to decrease conflict = less conflict = less action = conflict arises once again… and the cycle repeats.

Notice how this may apply to any progress you may have made in your goals that you haven’t been able to manifest. Robert Fritz suggests moving from the reactive/responsive structures to the creative structure.

What’s the creative structure?

Think of accomplishing any goal you want in life like how an artist would paint a picture. The artist doesn’t paint what he doesn’t want to see, he paints what he does want to see.

Rather than trying to lose weight, strive for being healthy and fit. Robert Fritz says to approach the same structure an artist would use to create a piece of art to creating whatever you want in life. In a sense, our life is a creation of the actions we take. Here’s what that structure looks like:

  1. Begin with the end result you want. (For example: being healthy). You have to know what exactly you want and where you want to be in life in order to reach it. Always have this image in your head, or risk losing your drive in accomplishing your goal.
  2. Identify where you’re currently at (For example: eating junk food, can’t do a single pushup, etc.) By identifying where you are in total honesty, you will be able to organically come up with the steps required to get to where you want to be.
  3. Take action into creating the result you want, learning what works and doesn’t work along the way. Whether you feel you aren’t making progress or not, any step in the direction of creating your goal is getting you closer to reaching it.

There you have it! Won’t be easy, but this is literally how to create anything you want in life

Robert Fritz talks more in depth about the significance of structures in your life and the creative process in his book, “Path of Least Resistance: Learning to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life.” Check it out by clicking here ! It’s definitely an important book to read if you’re looking to accomplish anything.

That’s all for now!

-Michael Reyes



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