Goals Report–March 19–2017

Hello Rebels,

Hope you guys have had an amazing week. As usual, Sundays are devoted to reporting how I did on the goals I set for myself.

Have you been setting goals for yourself? Are you following through on them?

Remember, we’re not striving for perfection here. We’re striving for consistency and excellence.

I’ll be the first to tell you, personal growth isn’t a straight line. I used to beat myself up if I wasn’t disciplined enough to follow through on the goals I set for myself. Whenever I would fall off, I’d be less motivated to continue taking action.

Have you ever felt the same way? The second we try to be perfect with our habits and goals, we risk setting ourselves up for disappointment. Consistency over the long run is far better than perfection in the short-term.

I will stand by this mentality and gladly confess when I haven’t followed through on something I committed to so that I lead by example.

Kindle Publishing:

I will easily bring my first VA onto my team.

No progress yet. This will most likely be delayed until next month, which I talk more about in the Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 3.

I will easily publish my 3rd book.

No progress yet. I talk more about why in the Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 3.

I will easily implement my Social media marketing strategy.

No progress yet. I talk more about why in the Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 3.

Millennial Rebel/Branding:

I will easily post a weekly Kindle Publishing Update on Millennial Rebel every Saturday.

Check! Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 3.

I will easily post a weekly Goals update on Millennial Rebel to hold me accountable every Sundays.


I will easily Read 15 pages every day for Business/Entrepreneur education (Epic Content Marketing)

Great, except for yesterday. Totally blanked on this book, will have to place a physical list of what I need to do in my room so that if I forget to check my google calendar, I still know what to do.

I will easily Take notes on every video I upload to focus on what to improve for the next video for Public Speaking

Done! Something I’ve been working on is getting my energy higher, as well as mixing up the hand gestures.

Life and Personal Development:

I will easily do some form exercise at least 3 days out of the week MINUMUM.

I am on track to doing this. Right after I finish recording the video for this post, I will get to it! I

I will easily complete a 30 day Morning Routine Challenge

Day 14, baby!  After this challenge, I will make a post about what exactly I do in my routine. Look out for that!

I will easily read 15 pages a day of personal development book–Awaken the Giant within By Tony Robbins.

So I dropped this down to 10 pages a day for scheduling reasons. I did great with this except on Tuesday when I went to sleep before getting to it. Another great reason to

I will easily journal at least once every day.

When you are consistently focused on your life purpose, your mind comes up with ideas to help you manifest it. I’m excited to share with you on the projects I’m currently taking on in the near future.

That wraps it up for this weeks goals report!

Hopefully, you all are growing week in and week out.


Enough said. Have an amazing week!

–Michael Reyes


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