8 Steps To Publishing A Book On Kindle

Check out the KMoneyMastery course that I got started with by clicking HERE. A great primer on how to launch your publishing business. With that being said…

8 Steps to Publishing a Book on Kindle

  1. Choose a Niche and Market. I recommend doing something you are passionate about as it makes the work you have to do easier, but you can also do choose one based on niche size or predicted profitability
  2. Decide on a Title and Subtitle–Based on keywords, but subtitle should stand out in someway or risk getting lost in the clutter
  3. Do Prep work for Ghostwriter–Generic Outline
    1. Intro:
    2. Body: what to include in your books, what not to include (Research competitor books, description, and reviews)
    3. Conclusion Review, resources for reader, and call to action
  4. Send your book to get written by a ghostwriter or ghostwriting service
  5. Waiting game: Order a book cover (fiverr.com, $5 and up) Quality always wins long-term.
  6. Prepare your book for publishing–edited and formatted.d Do it yourself or outsource to fiverr.com
  7. Create a Kindle Direct Publishing Account, go through the process of entering information (book cover, author info, description, keywords, price, etc)
  8. Review and publish!


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