Goals Report–March 12–2017

Happy  Sunday, Rebels!

This is my goals report for March 12, 2017. These posts are mainly to hold me accountable for following through with what I committed to. Additionally, I encourage you all in following along in my journey with declaring YOUR goals and taking action to make them a reality! With that being said, let’s cover…

How this week went:

Kindle Publishing:

I will easily bring my first VA onto my team.

No progress yet. This will most likely be delayed until next month, which I talk more about in the Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 2.

I will easily publish my 3rd book.

I actually made steps towards publishing two books! y coach challenged me to do this after our first coaching call, so I went ahead and made an order for two books to be written. My next step is getting covers made for those two books. M

I will easily implement my Social media marketing strategy.

No progress yet. I talk more about why in the Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 2.

Millennial Rebel/Branding:

I will easily post a weekly Kindle Publishing Update on Millennial Rebel every Saturday.

Done! Make sure to check it out!

I will easily post a weekly Goals update on Millennial Rebel to hold me accountable every Sundays.

Doing this right now!

I will easily Read 15 pages every day for Business/Entrepreneur education (Epic Content Marketing)

Accomplished! Not sustainable for two books, which I’ll expand on in the goal I had for Personal Development reading.

I will easily Take notes on every video I upload to focus on what to improve for the next video for Public Speaking

Accomplished for this week! Doing this has helped me find areas in my performance that could be improved, and highly recommend anyone publishing videos to try out.

Life and Personal Development:

I will easily do some form exercise at least 3 days out of the week MINUMUM.

Didn’t start this goal until Wednesday actually, but I still followed through! I included push-ups, pull ups, sit-ups, and more.

I will easily complete a 30 day Morning Routine Challenge

I am currently on day 7! Following through on my morning routine has been a breeze. In fact, I found it extremely essential in my motivation to complete the rest of my goals!

I will easily read 15 pages a day of personal development book–Awaken the Giant within By Tony Robbins.

Although I love reading, I realized that reading 15 pages every day is not sustainable with two books. There are exercises in the book that require me to sometimes spend quite a bit in completing, so I have updated this goal to reading 15 minutes a day.

I will easily journal at least once every day.

Easy! As I progress more in my life purpose, I have so much to express! Journaling is an excellent medium to do so.


  • Prioritize better time management. Allocate hours to every activity to make sure I don’t skimp out on something completely.
  • Create a system for the VAs I’ll bring in for publishing content on Millennial Rebel. Posting videos is fun but I stayed up way too late on the How to Get Motivated video

Alright! There we have it. Make sure to be setting goals for yourself and following through on them! Perfection isn’t what we’re looking for, it is CONSISTENCY that matters in the long run.

Hope you have an awesome week!
-Michael Reyes

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