Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 2

Hello, Rebels!

This is the Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 2, where you can follow along in my journey towards financial freedom and beyond through Kindle Publishing.


This past week made me realize a lot of things. I’ll start out by saying that I had my first call coaching call and learned quite a bit.

  1. The biggest takeaway I got was that you can’t be doing the same thing as everyone else, or you’ll get lost in the clutter. There are courses out there that are really great at teaching people how to put a book together, but with that comes a swarm of people all doing the same thing–the same $5 book cover, the same 5000-word range, the same structure of description, etc.My sales this past week were SCARY low. Check out my stats for the last 7 days. I’d be freaking out if I didn’t have a coach in my corner to help me succeed!
    If you’re lucky, you’ll publish a book that gets a lot of success in a short amount of time. Good for you! However, what’s to say your sales for that book won’t diminish next month? Or the month after that?
    Set yourself apart to rise above others.

  2. As I set out to publish my next two books, which my coach challenged me to do, I ran into one of the biggest concerns any business owner may worry about: a lack of capital.Why? Because in my 18 years of living, I have never had to worry about budgeting. Luckily, my coach is cool with prolonging my second session two weeks later since he’ll be going on vacation that week.That’ll be enough time for my minimum wage job ($15/hour here in Seattle) to cover the current expenses I will have, the descriptions and covers for those two books, as well as the process of hiring and training VAs. Unfortunately, my goals of bringing in a VA and putting a marketing strategy together might be delayed until the beginning of AprilPerfect example how Kindle Publishing makes you learn the skills needed to run a business, and life in general, really.

That’s all I had going on for Kindle Publishing this week. So now you may be wondering….

What’s next?

  1. I’ll be ordering in covers for the two books I just published. I’ll have to be creative in finding a way to stand out from my competitors, which honestly makes me uncomfortable. But hey, we aren’t growing unless we’re consistently putting ourselves outside our comfort zone, right?

  2. Budgeting and accounting for my publishing company will be a major area of focus for me this next week. I’ll be tracking down not only the expenses I have now, but will in the future. I highly recommend anyone looking to get started in Kindle Publishing to do this from the START, and if you aren’t doing this already, you might catch yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in.

Alright, that about wraps it up for Kindle Publishing–Weekly Update Ep. 2. Hopefully, some of you will be able to learn from the mistake I made with not budgeting.

For more updates on my Kindle Publishing journey, make sure to head back here EVERY Saturday.

Have an awesome day, Rebels!

-Michael Reyes


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