Goals Report–March Goals–2017 | 18 Years Old

Hey, Rebels!

Welcome to my very first monthly goals report!  From here on out, I’ll be sharing what I want to accomplish in that given month, followed up my progress reports on how that’s going.

Kindle Publishing:

  • I will easily bring my first VA onto my team.
  • I will easily publish my 3rd book.
  • I will easily implement my Social media marketing strategy.

Millennial Rebel/Branding:

  • I will easily post a weekly Kindle Publishing Update on Millennial Rebel every Saturday.
  • I will easily Read 15 pages every day for Business/Entrepreneur education Epic Content marketing, a book my coach recommended’
  • I will easily Take notes on every video I upload to focus on what to improve for the next video for Public Speaking
  • I will easily post a weekly Goals update on Millennial Rebel to hold me accountable every Sundays.

Life and Personal Development:

  • I will easily do some form exercise at least 3 days out of the week MINUMUM.
  • I will easily complete a 30 day Morning Routine Challenge.
  • I will easily read 15 pages a day of personal development book–Awaken the Giant within By Tony Robbins.
  • I will easily journal at least once every day.





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